Water Purification

Problems with Plastic Bottles Used by Consumers

  • In UAE Summer Temperature in very high and if the Water Bottle is exposed to sunlight for a longer period it becomes unsafe for human consumption
  • Water Bottles are Stored in Unhygienic Conditions in Apartments Garbage Area
  • UAE Consumes 450 Billion Bottles per year  – Alarming Statistics by Ministry of Climate Change & Environment
  • UAE Resident uses an average of 450 Plastic Water Bottles per year
  • 80% of water bottles are not recycled


  • Bisphenol A/ BPA– a Chemical present in Bottles can leach into Water
  • Exposure to Extreme Head Plastic Bottles become ultimately unsafe
  • Total Cost shoots up due to high Number of Bottles Consumed per year
  • Garbage Area is Dangerous for starage as it attracts flies, germs, Pathogens, which can lead to serious diseases
  • Sun Exposed Bottles are Unsafe as it may contain either Bacteria like E coli or Toxic Chemicals leached out of plastic

Solution by Topfix

  • 6 Steps Purification Process to make sure that your Health is not Compromised
  • RO Membrane with capacity of 50-200 Gallons/ Day
  • High Quality 125 PSI Pump that Ensures the better flow of Water
  • Mineral water is made artificially by adding salts to distilled water, aerating it with carbon dioxide
  • During Covid-19 Pandemic, its necessary to ensure having consistent availability of purified drinking water as this Virus can survive in water & sewage
  • Made in Taiwan Ensuring high quality of Product & Chrome Faucet
  • AMC & After Sales Support is Provided 


  •  It converts the tap water into pure drinking water
  • Reverse Osmosis Process– Kills 99% Bacteria, Viruses (Covid-19) & Filters 99% of the Pesticides, Colloids
  • Mineral Water with Constant level of Minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium
  • No Problem of Storage like in case of Plastic water bottles
  • Total Cost comes down with our new Rental Pricing Model
  • Drinking Purified Water Promotes Healthy skin, healthy body & helps boost immunity