Trying to find the best maintenance company in Dubai? Are you facing a maintenance issue or a technical issue? Perhaps some plumbing or sanitary fitting? Looking for a new renovation look or a fit-out? You probably took your phone out and typed on google for a good maintenance company near me. Well, the truth is a lot of companies claim to be just that. How do you know for sure? Well, reliable companies normally don’t try to charge you with extra quotations, nor do they promise you the world and deliver nothing. Maintenance companies in Dubai are plenty so you need to check how good the company is by checking a couple of things.

Here are a few points we think will help guide you to make the right decision: –

  1. Websites:

When you check search engines for a company if you only find a number and just an office it is quite risky. Offices in Dubai are not a reliable source to depend on especially since most companies keep moving to new locations. Finding a maintenance company with a website is much more genuine as it resembles the company’s interest to expand and keep a digital presence to retain its clients. A website will also give you a good understanding of the company’s services, what they cover and how long ago they started.

  1. Clients

This is a very valid point when seeking the best maintenance company in Dubai. Consider this a character reference of the company. The type of clients the company works with can help judge the performance, quality, and sophistication of work done by the property maintenance company in Dubai. If you notice some brands on their website that you are familiar with then you know for sure the company is genuine and reliable. Make sure to look for at least a couple of famous brands so you know they mean business.

  1. Testimonials

Testimonials are hard to identify whether they are genuinely put by clients or others. However, it is still the most sort-out type of review from a company. No company is perfect so if you find some mixed reviews then that company is generally more reliable than just a company with all positives and not even a few average-rated comments. Testimonials are the most sort out influencers in our daily lives. we base our judgments and choices on other people’s opinions and whether it is ordering food from a place with good reviews or picking a facility management company in Dubai, reviews are still something that plays an important role.

  1. Service List

When opting for a maintenance service and repair company it is important to choose a company that has a lot of services under their list. For example, if you find a company that not only offers carpentry services, ac technician services, electrical services, renovation services, and plumbing services but also offers additional services like painting services, fit-out services, snagging services, and even handyman services then it is better to pick this maintenance company. You never know what other problems and maintenance repairs you may come across while they are working on your home or commercial property. Such a time if you have signed up for a company that does not cover the service you may end up with two or more maintenance companies in Dubai which will be very expensive. try to fix a company that gives you a point solution for all your maintenance requirements.

5.      Affordable Prices

Always go for a maintenance company with affordable rates. A company with reasonable rates is a company you can trust as they are not looking to pinch your pockets. These maintenance companies in Dubai that give the best rates are looking for a long-term relationship with clients so always settle to work with these companies as they can give you a good rate now and for your upcoming other property projects.

6.      Experience

When considering the best home repair or commercial maintenance companies in Dubai it is always good to go for a company with at least 5 years minimum on the job. Remember the staff they hire will have more years of experience under their belt so 5-7 years minimum is good enough. These companies unlike start-ups are reliable and can handle any situation like a sudden leak or burst of a valve. A ceiling cave-in or crack formation. The staff is well equipped to handle and improvise strategies with a hassle-free burden for you.

  1. Package Plans

Go for a company that not only offers you repairs and installation but also package plans. That way once the work is done, or even if you directly go in for a package deal you can be on a preventive maintenance care plan that will help you protect your home or property from any damage or repairs that may cost you a lump sum later.


In a nutshell, finding the right company can be tricky which is why there are a few reliable companies like Top Fix Property Maintenance in Dubai  that will offer you all of the above and much more. you can visit their site at Top Fix Property Maintenance and find out more by calling the toll-free number whats app. The company will check out your requirements have an inspection and quotation give free of cost and then offer to do the work for you at very affordable rates.