Topfix is a pioneer in carpentry services in Dubai. In this era of wood work furnishings and fittings at most of the properties, you are likely to encounter several issues which require a professional carpenter in Dubai. The damages to wood work should be checked in time to avoid wood decay and formation of termites. Several issues with regard to bloating up of the wood, formation of molds wear out of the polishing, chipping of wood and damages to the frame and hinges are encountered on a regular basis. Our experienced carpenters specialize in wood work and will guide you with the right solution towards rectifying the same and also will advice on how to protect such issues in future. Most of the wood work gets damaged due to internal leakages which are not easily detected; this is where our expertise comes in use. We can treat all the issues of the wood and also can provide completely replacement or new installations of wood work. Be it your wardrobes, cabinets or slabs we can handle it all. If you wish to custom make any shelves, cabinets or wardrobes our carpenters can guide you through the process. We ensure high quality usage of wood and also provide cost effective solutions. Other items included in carpentry can be with regards to replacing the fly net or door mesh or door screen for your balcony doors and windows, replacing a faulty lock or making a provision for new one, exterior noise reduction by filling in the gaps of your doors and windows. Replacement of handles and rusted hinges can also be taken care of. Hand rail repair for the stairways or banister repair or even for that matter installation of new handrails for the staircase is something we specialize in. Get through your carpentry issues by hiring Topfix!

Cabinets/closet/shelf/ wardobe installation/ repair { Kitchen cabinets}

Cabinets safely secure our belongings and for that we need to ensure first they are designed in the manner which is convenient for us to use on a day to day basis. Get us to design your wood work or even if you need to fix or repair them. Our carpenters will guide you to make an optimum use of your space and also how to maintain wooden work for a longer span.

Door mesh/fly screen /fly net

Fly nets keep your home secure from insects and dust particles. Torn meshes serve no purpose and it’s important to get them replaced. We can instantly replace or install new fly net for your windows and balcony doors. Posing as filters good quality meshes go undamaged for a longer run.

Hinges repairing

Uneven cabinet doors spoil the entire look of your home or office. These hinges once installed need to be tuned to be perfectly aligned with each other. Over a period of time hinges get rusted and sometimes they come off the wood door itself. Whether its fine tuning them, replacing hinges to avoid further damage to the wood we can serve all of these at affordable rates.

Banister/hand rail repairing

The hand railing is become an important accessory at your property which can completely change the look of your home or office and can also further make the property stand out. The hand rails or banisters come in varied designs and materials which completely enhance your property. Fixing hand rails or even repairing shaky and damaged hand rails is our forte. Just sit down with our carpenter and let them take offer to provide you with a stunning banister in town.

Doors/windows repairing /polishing

While we continually repaint our walls we generally omit the doors and windows. These when left out can actually ruin the look of your beautiful home or office. Door polishing with the right colors and texture further enhance your property and increase the life of your wood work. Even spray painting for metal doors and windows and water proofing of bathroom doors can be handled by our expert carpenters.

Door lock change/repair

Locked out? Broken key while unlocking? Look no further!! Get your door lock changed or repaired, install new lock and handle or get a safely lock done up. Most importantly let’s sit down and discuss how to install safety locks at your home so that your little children are secure and do not access areas they shouldn’t be while you are away.

Gazebo and Pergola repairing

Outdoor furnishings like pergola and gazebo can be either newly installed or damaged ones can be repaired from our end. We design them the way you like it and fix them professionally so you will be able to make the best use of them. Our carpentry services are very affordable, give us a try!

Door noise reduction

Noisy neighbors or a property by the highway can be difficult most of the times. Especially in residential properties noisy neighborhood can be quite haunting to the occupants. A Topfix we provide you with noise reduction options by filling in the gaps of your doors and windows and also specialize in soundproofing your property.