For several valid reasons the best maintenance repairs in dubai, Top Fix believes that any property maintenance issues need to be fixed at an early stage. This is to avoid further delays which can lead to more damage. Just like an infection or a disease can spread if not treated so can damage to property. Top Fix Property Maintenance has over time become the best maintenance repair company in Dubai.

We have managed to gather up a team of highly professional maintenance servicemen who specialize in various property repairs. Ranging from painting services, plumbing services, carpentry services, handyman services, and ac technician services in Dubai. Our team is only selected after a stringent hiring process which verifies their legal acting license and certification along with a physical work test to check their best performance before hiring. Our team of experts has worked with several middle eastern companies and is now a proud part of Top Fix.

Our staff also undergoes frequent internal activity programs which also include on-the-job training that ensures they perform at the highest efficiency. We not only fix and repair property issues but also are straightforward when it comes to cost estimation so you do not have any hidden charges and are well prepared to handle your financial obligations. We also provide snagging and inspection services and offer advice on the best brands that will make your property more efficient and last longer. We can easily pinpoint any future damages and cost incurrence by observing the current status of the damage to help you resolve the issue now. Remember a stitch in time saves more dimes.


How do you know what you need to repair on your property?

This is very simple all you need to do is give us a quick call and we will send our snagging service experts to come and assess the situation. After a thorough check-up of your property, our inspecting team will prepare a detailed report along with the cost estimates. Did we mention that we shall prepare the report and do the snagging check for free? Once you have the quote, we can quickly start the work and confirm that our team of professionals simultaneously works on every part of the house to give you a quick handover.

Here lies a list of property maintenance services that we offer under one domain: –

Besides getting maintenance work done as a priority, it is also legal by the UAE government that the owner or occupant needs to handle any repair work that may cause damage to the property or an adverse effect on the occupants. Top Fix Can handle daily property work and also send immediate assistance for any emergency work like severe leakage, AC not working, etc. We take on all types of projects like apartments, Villas, Offices, Commercial Properties, Malls, Hospitals, Clinics, Factories, etc.

What Are The Benefits Of Top Fix Property Maintenance?


Top Fix is a reliable and trustworthy company with years of repairs for top brands and clients that range from 5star hotel properties, branded building properties, and private residential estates to commercial buildings, industries, and private sector properties. Get the best deals from several services offered by Top Fix. We look forward to long-term client-building relationships and hence our rates are always very reasonable. Once we take up a project, we accept the challenge and never quit. We always make our deadlines and offer a quick handover on all our projects. This is why we have clients who keep coming back to us with more projects that they have invested in. Top Fix always works with strategy and loves to make the property as appealing as possible.


Check out our maintenance plans and various services available on our website or you can always call us on our toll-free number to get more information on our upcoming deals and packages. We promise you that we will do our best with the highest quality to get your issue resolved as early as possible. You can always review our client testimonials on our website and realize that our customers are always happy with our warm and reliable maintenance services.

To know more about how to fix your property at affordable rates call now for a free quotation and inspection of your facility and visit the Top Fix website or whats app for more about the maintenance company in Dubai.