About Us



At Topfix Technical Services, we understand that there’s beauty in a job done perfectly. We take great pride in the quality of our work, and in the skillset of our workforce. Whether we’re working on a large industrial complex, or the roomy confines of your home, we treat each job with the same care, dedication and persistence.

Before our team begins work on any project, we go through an extensive testing, planning and strategizing phase. After we are finished with the planning process, we revisit it, and refine it further. We want to ensure that all of our work is as unintrusive as physically possible for you, and that the flow of the project is laid out in such a way that we get the work done well in advance of any deadline you might have for us.

8 Years of working at the cutting-edge, high-performance level demanded by our clients in the UAE, both small and bigger, MNC-scale companies, we understand one thing – Our clients deserve perfection. We are also permanent students of the industry and the market. As technology continues to advance, we make sure that we incorporate the latest and greatest on the market into our arsenal to ensure that you keep getting the best possible service, every single time.

No job is complete without a perfect maintenance schedule. Due to the nature of the environments our projects are used in, we ensure that we check in with them regularly to tune-up, fix and reconfigure things to ensure that they keep running smoothly. We are immeasurably proud of our maintenance schedule, and the results our clients have had with us speak for themselves.